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article thumbnailWe took part in two exhibitions and family we have been successful in our breeding -Mariella won...

About Us   Who We Are ?

I fell in love with greyhounds in 1993 on show in Zakopane. I went there because I was looking for a dog. I had intended to buy a York or a Shitsu but I did not because they weren?t selling any. When I was strolling I saw a beautiful female from Germany, it was a AZAWAKH -Greta! She didn?t have a pedigree because she had been born as a seventh baby.

I bought her and she became a member of our family.    read more... 


Because puppies grow beautiful dogs , the next I hope will wstawach where we will compete - and I wonder who will be the best ?


Homeopathy is a treatment like a similar , Samuel Hahnemman ? German physician / founder of homeopathy / called homeopathy grew out of ...



Love for greyhounds began 1993, when the exhibition in Zakopane decided to buy a dog - it was to be york or shitsu - no ! ...

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