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article thumbnailWe took part in two exhibitions and family we have been successful in our breeding -Mariella won...

Hera z Pogranicza - "Sathi"


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Hera z Pogranicza-”Sathi’

ur 07.04.2005

color-laszczowa pręgowana

Junior Winner


Champion Poland

Wteran Champion
Winner Club Slovakia2008
Winner Club Hungary 2010
Bundessieger Austria 2008 Crufts Nomination

Weteran Winner Polish Club

Weteran Winner 5x



 She has been with us since she was 4 months. It’s a real aristocratic dog. She is very calm, obey, patient and sciable. She is the only dog which likes shows. Her favorite part of year it’s a winter. She has got a lot of friends. She has berked only one time and she has got really beautiful voice.


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