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article thumbnailWe took part in two exhibitions and family we have been successful in our breeding -Mariella won...

About Us

Welcome to my website!

I would like to tell you the story of my dogs family.

I have got dogs since I was a child, not only pedigrees but also mongrels.|


I fell in love with greyhounds  in 1993 on show in Zakopane. I went there because I was looking for a dog. I had intended to buy a York or a Shitsu but I did not because they weren?t selling any. When I was strolling I saw a beautiful female from Germany, it was a AZAWAKH -Greta! She didn?t have a pedigree because she had been born as a seventh baby.

I bought her and she became a member of our family.

She was very smart and beautiful. When she was 10 she was inseminated by an Alsatian. 

As one of her children broke legs, I had to keep it.

Her (it is a female) name is Astryda, she is striped, as is her mother! (she didn?t take after her father).

Unfortunately, Greta died a few months after the childbirth! We had tried to save her but…


For me, an esoteric, it wasn?t a coincidence that we have kept Astri! She was the remedy for our broken hearts.

Another time when I was at the show  I bought my first pedigree Borsoi ?Hera z Pogranicza?  She is called Sathi (it?s a name of an Arabic princess).



Greyhounds have a peaceful character, which makes you addicted to the whole breed! They are calm (never bark) and they like to lie on the sofa most of the time.


I n our haus already was two females but I was looking for another one. Maybe it was a snoberry  but I bought a female who had got best parents! Hariella Majove Bohemia (Harel it?s a messenger of love, faith and hope).

02.10.2006 I went to Bohemia and I took her home.



Firstly she was trying to force her new sisters into doing what she wanted.

After a few weeks  I decided to take my ?girls? on shows. I was jelous when I was looking at a people with a band of borsis. I was dreaming of another dog, a male, but it seemed impossible, three famale and male in our apartment?Nooo….But…


At the show in Nowy Sacz met the breeder Mr. Dr. Vet. Kazimierz

Rychlik, who said he has a dog? in my favorite kolorkach? white and silver
gold and I myself watched him in his website! Iiiiiiii happened! Love at first
sight! But the family did not support my idea and love for Ante Portas? because it
the nazywał.I so for two months I watched his pic in Interneciei already missed him, he inquired as to have, what is? Knowing Mr. Rychlik dogs know that they are great? quiet. I have to add the most important thing: Ante Portas Steppe Bishop was not a puppy, a young 13 months? Guy. And another perplexity: how will it be? How to take it a girl? How to become acclimatized at home? After 13 months he lived among his fellows in the pen



 And 02.09.2007r. after heavy negotiations at home? we went to Michalowice to watch dog!

and in Michałowice? wonderful borzoi!




I came back with young son? Baptized named Sasha home, because it is a breed of Russian,So let it be, finally, a full-fledged? Soviet?It is with us from 02.09.2007, is wonderful, as all of our canine kids starts a career exhibitio

It is dignified, intelligent, and his love of reciprocity from the firstThis sight Astri, although like everything        and all the girls hit on him. It took a few years, our dogs have grown ripe, each is unique, each beloved, Sathi, Astri, Sasha is the largest pet must always be kissed cuddled next to me, Hariellka this lady who dictates what he wants, when he is to be hugged, głaskana.Jezdzimy to show where the dogs already won many titles, our achievements can read on our website


It’s been eight years since the existence of culture, since we borzoi, at this time we took part in exhibitions in Poland and Europe, the dogs received Polish Champion titles, Sasha also Title of Champion Hungary, title winners Clubs Charta, an European Winners  different countries and our most important who won the title in 2012, Sasha-winners of Europe! During this time, the dogs settled down adult-may wonderful characters, incredibly intelligent, empathetic great pets – Sleeping in bed


In the end we opted for the bigger our family Borzoi Bello di Tatrebest-mother was Hera Sathi-Border-daddy of Sasha messenger Ante Portas Steppe happened June 25, 2012 the world welcomed a handsome healthy babies-boy-Michael and three girls-Magdushke, Mariette and Marielle. Misha Two puppies and Mariella remaining in the culture and Mariettka and Magdushka live in Warsaw with the new owners feline friends


Our children have already started a career exhibition and Kielce and Katowice and won the titles of Best Puppy

As the puppies grow beautiful dogs-family meeting was held at our March 5, 2013 the year I hope will be the next to wstawach where we compete against – and I wonder who will be the best?




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Our Friends from chat wrote a poem about us.
See it

This is a certificate FCI of name my breeding and
nickname ?Bello di tatREBESt?

WELCOME TO SEE PAGE and typing in the guest book!

Best Wishes for all

Magdalena Rebeś

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